Signals: VAST Tag

Overview The VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) tag provided by Intuizi is designed to facilitate the delivery of video ads by providing all necessary parameters for proper ad rendering and tracking. This document outlines the structure of the VAST tag and describes each parameter’s purpose. Parameters Parameter Description Placeholder Example deviceifa The identifier for the […]

Signals: Web Script

Overview This script sets a business identifier (BID) for your application and loads an external JavaScript file to collect data insights. Parameters bid: A string variable that holds the business identifier. Data Collected os: The operating system information, retrieved from navigator.platform or the query parameter os. sw: The screen width of the device, retrieved from […]

Apps Summary Report

Introduction The Apps Summary Report is a high-level, aggregated dataset provided by Intuizi. This report offers a consolidated view of mobile application usage across various categories and tags. It includes essential information such as the category ID, category name, tag ID, tag name, number of unique app instances, total number of signals, and the year […]

Apps Report

Introduction The Apps Report offers valuable insights into mobile applications across various categories and countries. It includes essential information such as the application’s unique identifier, category details, bundle ID, app name, country, number of signals, and the date associated with the data. Our solution aims to empower clients with accurate and up-to-date information on mobile […]

Marketing Audience

Overview Marketing Audience files are structured datasets designed to empower marketers by providing insightful data on target audiences. These files integrate seamlessly with digital marketing platforms, enabling data-driven strategies for advertising and customer engagement. Utilized effectively, they can enhance personalized marketing efforts, improve audience segmentation, and boost overall campaign performance. File Format Marketing Audience files […]

App Categories and Taxonomies

Introduction The App Categories & Taxonomies table is a comprehensive organizational framework designed to systematically categorize applications. It serves as a key component in our documentation that defines the classification schema of applications across the platform. Fields Category ID: A unique numerical identifier assigned to each application category. Category Name: The descriptive name of the […]

Signals: Mapping Keys

Table of Contents Introduction This document is crafted to guide new signal providers through the process of initiating signal transmission to Intuizi and facilitating their successful onboarding. At Intuizi, we prioritize data privacy and security; accordingly, we do not store Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) on our cloud servers. Instead, our operational model relies on utilizing […]

Origin Report

Introduction Origin Report offers a comprehensive analysis of individual signal-level anonymous mobility data. Tailored for your custom audience, this report provides insights into user mobility patterns while ensuring the utmost privacy and anonymity of the data subjects. Delivery The file will be accessible via S3 credentials provided to you upon request. You may transfer the […]

Activation file

Overview An Activation file is a CSV or GZIP compressed file that contains Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs), Encrypted Identifiers (EIDs), or IP addresses. This file is used to deliver custom audience data to your preferred cloud provider for integration into your applications, processes, or models. File Format The Activation file can be in one of […]