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Anonymized Signals


Anonymized Signals report includes individual signal level report of anonymous mobility.


The file will be accessible via S3 credentials provided to you upon request. You may transfer the files to your local machine or to your preferred cloud for incorporation into your application, workflow or model. 

Example File

Data Format

Key Value Data Type
eid Encrypted Mobile Ad Identifier String(32)
latitude Latitude of the location with up to 8 digits precision Double
longitude Longitude of the location with up to 8 digits precision Double
useragent The User-Agent (UA) string is contained in the HTTP headers and is intended to identify devices requesting online content. String(255)
adwidth Numeric Ad Width in Pixels Integer
adheight Numeric Ad Height in Pixels Integer
campaignid Alpha Numeric Campaign Identifier String(255)
bannerid Alpha Numeric Banner Identifier String(255)
pubid The assigned ID of a specific publisher grouping (apps or sites) String(255)
invtype Display or Video String(255)
devicetype The numeric ID for the type of device. Integer
bid Assigned Business Identifier String(255)
gender M = male, F = Female, O = Other or unknown String(1)
age The numeric age of the user Integer
ip The IP4 ip address of the record String(15)
dutc This is the date of the record in Y-M-D H:i:s format DateTime
auctionid unique/randomized identifier String(255)
latitudeacc Latitude decimal degrees accuracy Integer
longitudeacc Longitude decimal degrees accuracy Integer
country Country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) String(3)


Additional Fields


Key Value Data Type
deviceos Identifies the operating system of the user’s device, such as iOS or Android. String(255)
devicemake Specifies the manufacturer or brand of the device, like Apple or Samsung. String(255)
devicemodel Denotes the specific model or version of the user’s device, such as iPhone 12. String(255)
appid Unique identifier for an application installed on the device String(255)
accuracy Indicates the precision of a data point in meters (N/S or E/W at equator) Double
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