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Point of Interests (POI)


The Point Of Interest (POI) Data Set is a individual location level report of physical location data that includes Signal provider, Category, BrandName, Location ID, Address1, Address2, City, State, Postal, DMA, Latitude, and Longitude . This is report combines with the Visitation Detail data set to generate the Visitation data sets.


The file will be accessible via S3 credentials provided to you upon request. You may transfer the files to your local machine or to your preferred cloud for incorporation into your application, workflow or model.

Example File

CSV Fields – Point Of Interest File

CountryThree letter ISO code of CountryString
KeyValueData Type
Category The Friendly Meta Category Name of the LocationString(255)
BrandNameThe Brand Name of the individual locationString(255)
LocationIDThe unique integer value of the locationInt
Addreess1The 1st address field of the locationString
Addreess2The 2nd address field of the locationString
CityThe City of the locationString
StateThe State of the locationString
Postal CodeThe zipcode (US) or postal code (ROW) of the locationString
DMAThe designated marketing area (US only) of the locationString
LatThe Latitude of the location (up to 7 digits)String
LonThe Longitude of the location (up to 7 digits)String
ExternalIDPlaceKey of POIString
SquareFootageThe approximate square footage of the poi (if available)String


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