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Postal Origin Report


Postal Origin report includes individual signal level anonymous mobility data.


The file will be accessible via S3 credentials provided to you upon request. You may transfer the files to your local machine or to your preferred cloud for incorporation into your application, workflow or model.

Data Format

Key Value Data Type
eid Encrypted Mobile Ad Identifier String(255)
brandid A unique integer representing the brand level Integer
locationid A unique integer representing the physical location Integer
area Area of the location (GBR Only) String(255)
postcode_part 2 letters prefix of the origin postcode (GBROnly)
postcode origin postcode String(255)
signals Count of total signals of the eid at origin Integer
locationname Location name of source location String(255)
store_id Custom Identifier per location level of source location String(255)
address1 Address of the location String(255)
city City of the location String(255)
state 2 or 3 letter state/province code of the location (USA,CAN, GBR) String(255)
zip_code Postal code of the location String(255)
country 3 letter ISO code of the location String(3)
latitude Latitude of the location with up to 8 digits precision Double
longitude Longitude of the location with up to 8 digits precision Double
year Year (YYYY) Integer
month Month (MM) Integer
day Day (DD) Integer
provider Hashed persistent value of provider String(255)
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