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Signals: Impressions


Our Signals system ingests event-level data and associates it with your account analysis.

The Signal ingestion is based on a client-side GET request with key-value pairs.


Key Value Data Type
deviceifa* IDFA (Apple Advertising ID), AAID (Android Advertising ID) or CTV ID (Connected TV Advertising Identifier) or other significant first-party identifiers. String(255)
latitude Latitude with up to 7 digits precision Float
longitude Longitude with up to 7 digits precision Float
userAgent URL Encoded USER AGENT of device String(255)
adwidth Numeric Ad Width in Pixels Integer
adheight Numeric Ad Height in Pixels Integer
campaignID Alpha Numeric Campaign Identifier String(255)
bannerID Alpha Numeric Banner Identifier String(255)
pubid The assigned ID of a specific publisher grouping (apps or sites) String(255)
invType Display or Video String(255)
deviceType The numeric ID for the type of device. Integer
country The ISO code for the country String(3)
bid Assigned Business Identifier String(255)
gender M = male, F = Female, O = Other or unknown String(1)
age The numeric age of the user Integer
ip* The IP4 ip address of the record Integer
d This is the date of the record in Y-M-D H:M:S format DateTime
auctionID* unique/randomized identifier String(255)
bundleID AppStore Identifier for the signal origination String(255)
appName App Name for the signal origination String(255)
* denotes required field for full analysis.



GET Request


Display Pixel Example

					<img src ='{BID}&bundleID={APP_BUNDLE}&deviceIFA={DEVICE_IFA}&lattitude={LATITUDE}&longitude={LONGITUDE}&userAgent={USER_AGENT}&adWidth={AD_WIDTH}&adHeight={AD_HEIGHT}&campaignID={CAMPAIGN_ID}&bannerID={BANNER_ID}&pubID={PUB_ID}&invType={INVENTORY_TYPE}&deviceType={DEVICE_TYPE}&auctionID={AUCTION_ID}&country={COUNTRY}&appname={APP_NAME}&gender={GENDER}&age={AGE}&ip={CLIENT_IP}' height='0' width='0'>

iFrame Example

					<iframe src='{BID}&bundleID={APP_BUNDLE}&deviceIFA={DEVICE_IFA}&lattitude={LATITUDE}&longitude={LONGITUDE}&userAgent={USER_AGENT}&adWidth={AD_WIDTH}&adHeight={AD_HEIGHT}&campaignID={CAMPAIGN_ID}&bannerID={BANNER_ID}&pubID={PUB_ID}&invType={INVENTORY_TYPE}&deviceType={DEVICE_TYPE}&auctionID={AUCTION_ID}&country={COUNTRY}&appname={APP_NAME}&gender={GENDER}&age={AGE}&ip={CLIENT_IP}&store={STORENUMBER}'&e=3' width='0px' height='0px'>
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