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Signals: Web Script


This script sets a business identifier (BID) for your application and loads an external JavaScript file to collect data insights.


  • bid: A string variable that holds the business identifier.

Data Collected

  1. os: The operating system information, retrieved from navigator.platform or the query parameter os.
  2. sw: The screen width of the device, retrieved from window.screen.width or the query parameter sw.
  3. sh: The screen height of the device, retrieved from window.screen.height or the query parameter sh.
  4. ua: The browser’s user agent, retrieved from navigator.userAgent or the query parameter ua.
  5. domain: The domain name of the current site, retrieved from window.location.hostname or the query parameter domain.
  6. url: The full URL of the page, retrieved from window.location.href or the query parameter url.



  1. Setting the BID

    • Replace "[ASSIGNED_BID]" with your specific business identifier.
    • Ensure this script is included in the HTML <head> or <body> sections to initialize the bid variable.
  2. Loading the Data Collector Script

    • Ensure the external script URL is correct and accessible.
    • The async attribute allows the script to load in the background while the rest of the webpage continues to render.


let bid = "[ASSIGNED_BID]";
<script src="" async></script>
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