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Media: AdSpecs


Some Signal Providers on the Intuizi Platform have the ability, and user consent, to advertise directly on their own properties. For organizations wishing to reach deterministic users on consented properties, the Intuizi Platform can help facilitate the transaction between you and the Signal Provider through the Signal Providers’ DSP.

The following creative asset ad specifications are required:

Rich Media – Display

Ad SizeLoad MaxDevice


FormatMax File SizeFPSResolutionLength
H.264/ACC2.2mb24fpsup to 1920×1080Up to 30 sec
MP46mb24fpsup to 1920×1080Up to 30 sec

* Ratio 16:9 or 4:3
* Minimum resolution 640×960


Images & Iframe

The following image formats are supported by Intuizi’s DSP Partners: JPG, JPEG, PNG.

Additionally, Intuizi’s DSP Partners supports iframe tags.




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